All gardeners deal with plant problems, and even if you are not fond of plants but have some in your property, you will always and always notice that you will have decayed and/or diseased plants. While there are many reasons for this, one of the most unnoticeable problems is in your soil: salt.   

Salinity is one of the major causes of plant decay, and this is something you need to be aware of. Read through this article and we will share with you the important information that you will need in order to protect your plants from dying. Calling a professional like the tree service Fontana to help you address this problem is what we recommend, but we will also share with you the necessary information that you need.   

What is salinity by the way?   

Salinity is all about salt, and the level of salt that your soil has and is also called salinization. In particular, it is the process when the salt in the soil builds up over time to the extent where the soil dries up the ground as well as the flowers and shrubs too.   

What are the causes of salinity? There are many things that can cause soil salinity and to name a few, there some of the reasons:   

1. you use too much manure, fertilizer, and/or compost that can add to the salt that is already existing in the ground. While fertilizer and compost are a good thing as they provide nutrients and minerals in the soil that the plants need, they can also be harmful when in excessive amounts.   

2. soil compaction caused by poor drainage can be a cause of soil salinity  

3. salt get into your lawn from the road as vehicles and humans erode them  

4. when you water regularly and the water contains soil  

It is a given that soil salinity is a naturally occurring phenomenon, but the question is, is it harmful to your plants? The answer is a big YES.   

When there is a lot of salt in the ground, its effects can be similar to that you experience in drought seasons where your plants become hydrated to the extent they die. Why is this so? This is because when the soil has too much salt, the salt can obstruct the root in sipping out water from the soil. When this happens continuously, the plants will start to get thirsty for water until they decay out of dehydration and exhaustion. As the matter of fact, according to the Department of Agriculture, soil salinity is one of the problems that the farmers face. Now, this also has been problematizing normal house owners and their garden.  

If you want to effectively reduce the salinity level, all you need to do is to test the soil and improve your water drainage.